Debt Help: Coaching You to Become Debt Free

Have you heard the term, “crack kills?” Let’s change the term to “debt kills.” Debt kills alright, it kills your finances, and many Americans need help solving their debt problem.


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A Way of Life

Over the past sixty years, debt has become ingrained into our culture, it’s a way of life. Our society finances everything. How did it get this way? I think the main reason is that debt is way of getting things now.

We have grown increasingly inpatient over the years, and want instant gratification. Why not, when debt makes it so easy to get what we want. In fact, debt has become a habit, a bad one. I always chuckle when I hear the personal finance expert Dave Ramsey say, “Credit cards are the cigarette of the financial world.” How true.

Debt’s Impact

The burden of debt has significant consequences have a significant impact on our lives. They include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Stress
  • Divorce
  • Poverty
  • Failed businesses
  • Government’s reckless spending in the name Social Justice

Need in the Marketplace

With so may Americans drowning in debt, there is a need in our culture for helping individuals and families solve their debt crisis. That is why I have put together a simple coaching package to accomplish this task. It is called some thing simple- the “Debt Elimination” coaching package. This offering gets right to the point, it includes:

  • One hour session to access your debt balances and develop a debt elimination plan.
  • Identify savings opportunities in cash flow that can be applied towards debt to speed up the process.
  • Unlimited email and phone correspondence over 30 days
  • A free copy of Dave Ramsey’s best-selling book, “The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness($15 dollar value).
  • Tools and resources to stay on track
  • Price= $95

As with all of my coaching sessions, I provide a free 30-minute consultation to get an overview of your situation and to determine if this package is right for you.

Question(s): Are you in debt? Do you need help or do you know someone who needs help? If so, give my plan a try

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I provide one on one financial planning, counseling, and coaching coaching services that will help you develop and implement a plan specific to your unique situation. This may include learning how to create a cash flow plan, save for emergencies and purchases, reduce debt, and build wealth. In addition, I can walk with you through a crisis, such as dealing with harassing debt collectors, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

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